Saturday, 12 September 2015

Zentangle designs

Well they are exciting to me and so I thought I'd better share them as you may also like them :-)

I have entered one into the latest Spoonflower Contest. The Theme is ditsy lizards so I decided I wanted to do a zentangle design and came up with these:

This one is the one I've entered into the Contest.
These are colourways I did.
If you like the design but the colours are wrong for you.. It's no problem.. I can change them quite easily :-) So just ask and it will be done!

I have in mind to do one with Dragonflies and also one with Butterflies and would welcome any suggestions of others that you might like to see, done in this style. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

What a Success!

The day has come, yes it's finally arrived. I got confirmation today of the ... wait I'm jumping ahead of myself here.

Remember I told you last time that I'd had the privilege of working with someone, creating designs for her, sometimes using her drawings and sometimes just getting a brief? Well ... you don't? best you go and read my last post then hey!

For those of you who do, My clients name is Dorothy and she's a lovely person, a pleasure to work with. She's been really busy since I sent her the designs, they are all uploaded onto Woven Monkey a great printing site in the UK and Spoonflower in the USA. She will also be uploading her work onto Print Me Pretty in the UK.

As she is a hop farmer, and is also just started selling her hops to home brewers, her fabrics revolve around that subject. Wait till you see the rest we're working on.. hehe

Let me tell you folks, you're in for a treat, her fabrics are gorgeous, her ideas and vision, very classy!

These are just some of the designs she has had printed, aren't they stunning?!

 Oh and the baskets.. they are called Sussex Trugs.. really cool hey, I wouldn't mind one. Dorothy doesn't make them, but someone she knows does, and she says that they last a lifetime. If you want to buy a TRUG click HERE.

I hope this has whet your appetite for more info :-)
Below are the links to learn more about this fabric, see all the designs.. about 140 variations and some still in the pipeline. :-)

The Website is called a Bushel of Hops and so all her fabric shops are called that too. psst It's the best place to buy hops for your brilliant home brew beer!

A Bushel of Hops  on Woven Monkey *Here* All the designs are set for sale already :-)
A Bushel of Hops On Spoonflower. *Please note* that these still have to be sample printed before being set for sale, so if there are any that you'd like really urgently, then drop Dorothy or me a line and she'll arrange those to be done first.
Print Me Pretty.. T.B.A  patience dear people all in good time :-)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Oh My Word!

I can't believe that I haven't written in here for so long!
Life has been just crazy and I have gone through a break up in my relationship and a move of countries! So now I'm living in the UK again. My time I spent in Australia was fabulous BUT things change and hopefully move forward, don't they? Please say yes... hehe

Anyway one really great thing happened to me recently. I was interviewed by Print Me Pretty and it was posted in their Blog. If you'd like to read what they have to say, here's the link

Thank you Janet I feel very privileged.

I've also been designing for a quilter who wanted her very own fabric. Together we have created a huge number of designs. I'll be talking about them in my next blog update along with the link to her shop so that you can go and see them.. she's still uploading them all and it will take her wee while.

I'm so mad at myself today. I had planned to submit this design into the Spoonflower Weekly Contest for National Parks and was so busy I missed the deadline.. Aaarrrrggggg!!

To see this design on Spoonflower, just click the caption and it will take you there.
See you soon!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

21st Place out of 214! Yippie :-)

I decided that I just couldn't do it. There was no inspiration at all and I was feeling depressed anyway, so what did it matter if I did one or not.
The contest was themed Math. There were no ideas popping into my head.. Until I thought of school days.. LOL then there it was, I could see it in my head.

So I sat down and drew it.... and this is what I ended up with.
I was quite chuffed with it. When I saw it came 21st I was rather pleased. 

Thanks for visiting :-)

Friday, 31 October 2014

Print Me Pretty

As of yesterday Print Me Pretty has 145 designers who upload their work for their own use and / or to sell. I do both.

I am one of the only two designers to have a personal tag on Print me Pretty . It will take you to all my designs available.

For example Next Year's calendar 2015 is up. I have entered it into the Print Me Pretty Calendar contest Next Month. I'll be ordering these and sending them to mates and family as they can be hemmed with a loop in the hem and a piece of dowel slid in the top and bottom and then hung up... or simply stuck to the fridge with magnets.. LOL.
This is the design :
Found on the 112 cm wide fabric and can be bought as a Fat Quarter

Found on the 150 cm Fabric and should be bought by the meter
 as the Fat quarter sizing does not work on this size fabric yet.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Print me Pretty

I have been Honoured!! Yes I have and I'm so excited by it :-)

Print Me Pretty has over 150 designers on their site at present and I have been honoured with a PERSONAL TAG :-) If you're on the Print Me Pretty Market Place Page and you scroll down to the bottom of all the tags on the left hand side.. you'll see my Name.. Art On Fabric :-) Click on that and the page will refresh with my designs only listed under the Staff Picks and Contest winners. If you've clicked on the 'personal tag' above you'll see that the tag is already ticked.

If you don't know already, Print Me Pretty is an online fabric printing company based in the UK. This will be great news for folks in the EU because they won't have to pay import duties on fabric printed by this site.

Their printing is first class I have a pinterest board with some examples for you to see. I am waiting for more samples so that I can upload the photos. Every now and then this board will get fatter so please keep checking it out and re-pin to your hearts content :-) .

Some pictures of some designs :

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Designing Fabrics!

  So what is it you'd like to see on a fabric? I think that every now and then someone thinks 'Oh I wish I could find fabric with this or that on it'. Well I can create it for you, you know. I don't charge much. $25 a design is all.... and it's done to your sizes and colour specs. How cool is that?

The companies that will print my work for you and post it to you are :
Spoonflower in the USA and Print Me Pretty in the UK.

On Spoonflower I have my own Studio with over 500 designs in it. They are categorised into Collections, so if you want to look at it that way then click on the word collections on the left hand side of the page.

On Print me Pretty there are no individual shops yet ... but you can easily recognise my work because I have " By Art On Fabric " after each design name. So pay me a visit and if there is something on Spoonflower that you'd like me to set up on Print Me Pretty, please just ask and I'll organise it. :-)

Here is a dinosaur design that I did recently created and put into various different colours.
Please ignore the watermarked names over them, they aren't there in reality. :-)
Thanks for visiting :-)
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